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Election Observer Groups

    This Portal is for INEC FORM EC 14A(I) and 14A(II) Application and Processing
    of Observer Groups for the stand-alone Governorship Election in Bayelsa, Imo & Kogi States.

    Qualified Observer Groups will be contacted to submit Online, the Form
    EC 14A(II) with their Application Reference Number from EC 14A(I)

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Electronic Application Guideline

Before completing this electronic form (14a1), kindly note the following;

    • That application begins on 23rd August, 2023.
    • That this platform is only for APPLICATION of observer groups/ Organisations and NOT individual observers.
    • That you are to obtain and read a copy of the advert before proceeding with completion of the form (www.inecnigeria.org)
    • That this is an online application platform and it is different from the manual method in previous elections
    • That copies of relevant attachments(CAC registration, INEC CSO, past accreditation letters, reports etc ) should be ready in PDF for upload along with the form.
    • That application portal will automatically shut down by midnight Wednesday, 6 September, 2023.

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